Photocopier Machines in Faisalabad

Paragon Business Solution provides best Photocopier machines in Faisalabad and photocopier services price in Faisalabad. CH provides market competitive photocopier machine prices in Faisalabad. Paragon Business Solution is the leading Photocopier Importer in Pakistan.

Photocopier Machines in Faisalabad

Now CH has decided to step further to facilitate its customers by providing technologically advanced photocopier machine on rent which enables its customers to photostat, print, and scan (Photocopier 3 in 1) hundreds of documents within a minute.

We provide Photocopier in Faisalabad to the retailer and direct customers at very reasonable prices. Furthermore, Paragon Business Solution also facilitates bulk purchaser in most competitive prices.

Paragon Business Solution is an emerging photocopier supplier in Pakistan. A thorough knowledge of copier industry is key to the outstanding service that has become our trademark. Furthermore,  CH is the best photocopier supplier in Karachi. In addition,  Our professional and expert team is dedicated and keep focus on every aspect to ensure excellency.

Paragon Business Solution the Best Photocopier Importer In Pakistan.

Paragon Business Solution is the sensible importer of photocopy machines, printers and Multi-function products (MFP’s). Furthermore, We import photocopier machines and printers from United Kingdom, USA, Canada and from different countries of Europe.

CH give proper attention and efforts to import high quality and technologically advanced photocopier machines in Karachi as well ase give equal importance to import photocopier machines and printers of different models of RICOHKYOCERAKONICA MINOLTAXEROXPANASONICHP AND CANON from our trusted and approved vendors in order to meet needs and requirements of our diversified clients.

Ricoh Copier

Kyocera Copier

Konica Minolta Copier


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Paragon Business Solution

Copier - Printers - CCTV Cameras

Paragon Business Solution is an emerging Photocopiers, Printers, Printers, Cctv Cameras supplier in Pakistan. We also deal in accounting software & Stationary.

A thorough knowledge of copier industry is key to the outstanding service that has become our trademark.

We sale our copier machines to a wide range of our customers like manufacturing industries, pharmaceutical companies, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, and banks.


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